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Media Comparison

I didn’t realize how different radio broadcasts are compared to a print news story. I found an article addressing the NSA, and people from the inside wanting more whistleblowers.

The lead was very different. The radio version started with telling the listeners that the NSA is the most secretive intelligence agency in the United States. While the print version began with addressing Rob Storch being a talkative guy in a business of eavesdropping. Personally, I think the radio version is better because it makes you questions why the NSA is so secretive.

The order of the print version was also slightly different than the broadcast version. The radio gave the background of the organization before diving into the story, unlike the print version.

I found that the length, sources, content, and quotes were very close to each other, if not exact. The content only varied when trying to give background on the situation or the person. Even the attributes though, were very similar but the radio version was less wordy. It was important to me that the quotes were the same in each because if they aren’t then NPR seems unreliable.The radio version was definitely more conversational, while the print version was more sophisticated like reading a book would be.


The Controversy Behind Roughing the Passer

The NFL’s new roughing the passer rule, introduced this year, has been faced with a lot of controversy from the fans of the game.

The rule prohibits players from landing on top of the quarterback with most or all of theirbody weight and unnecessarily driving the quarterback into the ground. It has caused 38 penalties already through week four of the season.

By changing the rule, the owners and the league hope to reduce injuries, especially of their quarterbacks. “This was a move from the owners in order to secure the assets of their quarterback,” said Tim Sibbel, who previously played football in high school.

The NFL has changed into an offensive game. The new roughing the passer rule protects players like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. The big name players are how the league makes their money and this new rule ensures that.

The NFL has had to change the way football is being played to ensure the safety of the league’s players. The players have gotten stronger, faster, and bigger over recent years. The requirement for more pads and safer helmets has become a necessity. “Linebackers now weigh what the lineman used to weigh years ago,” stated Daryl Klocke, my dad, who has never played football but is an avid fan of the NFL.

The demand for bodily preservation goes back decades. Defenders were able to drive quarterbacks into the ground or make blind-side tackles to the head for hope of injury.

The defenders have had to change their whole style of playing. Fans no longer see the big hits that make them cringe. Instead, they see players dodge out of the way or have missed tackles so they aren’t penalized for targeting.

It has become harder for the defense of teams to become the deciding factor in games. Defenses are playing softer so they don’t hurt their teams chance so winning the game. “The quarterbacks now have more time in the pocket because the players don’t want to be penalized for a late hit or roughing the passer,” stated Madison LeGrand, devoted fan of the Vikings.

Players have tried to adjust their style of tackling, but are unsure how to do so. Giants linebacker B.J. Goodson told Sports Illustrated, “It’s best just to err on the side of aggression and let the refs be decision-makers.”

Many games have been largely affected by the call. In week two, the Green Bay Packers played the Minnesota Vikings. With nearly two minutes left in the game, Clay Matthews hit Kirk Cousins right when he released the football. Matthews was penalized for roughing the passer. The Vikings scored that drive to go into overtime and tying.

Matthews told Tim Laden of Sports Illustrated about the Cousins hit, “I have so many emotions running through as far as what a terrible call it was,” he said. “You tell me. Did I put pressure on him? I thought I hit him within his waist to chest; I got my head across, put my hands down. . . I feel like I did the right thing to influence the game. I’m trying to bite my tongue, but I obviously don’t agree with [the call].”

It does not ensure the safety of the defensive players either. Miami Dolphins defensive lineman, William Hayes, was injured trying to abide by the new roughing the passer rule. Instead he tore his ACL and will be out the remainder of the season.

The new rule has sparked a lot of uproar from coaches, players, and commentators of the NFL. Many believe the rule should be changed or at the very least more consistent. LeGrand stated, “It’s frustrating to watch the games with penalties deciding the outcome.” She continued, “The majority of the body weight part of the rule should be taken out unless a player intends to hurt the quarterback.”

News Comment: Should A State Execute A Convicted Murderer So Impaired He Doesn’t Recall The Crime?

On October 2nd, the United States Supreme Court had a hearing about whether a murderer with severe dementia could receive the death penalty. Vernon Madison, the convicted murderer, killed a police officer believing he was protecting his girlfriend. At that time, the jury gave him the death penalty. Madison’s attorney, Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative, stated to the Court that Madison is so incompetent that it would be unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment. The Alabama Deputy Attorney General, Thomas Govan Jr., argues the contrary that Madison does know that he is in prison and why is there. Stevenson defended his client stating Madison doesn’t even know where the toilet is in his cell, so how can he remember what he did. The Supreme Court justices have yet to make a ruling, but it seems to be fairly split between them. If the ruling does end in a tie, the justices will have to wait till a ninth judge is elected.

The quotes throughout the article are well placed and add depth to it. I especially like the quote, “how we punish says something not just about the accused, it says something about us.” It makes the reader think of Madison as a person rather than simply a murderer. There are quite a few quotes in the passage, but I don’t think it seems excessive because sometimes the journalist can’t say it any better. The writer also does a good job simply writing an informational story. She does talk more about Madison’s side rather than Govan’s, which makes you want him to not receive the death penalty. Therefore the story does include a small amount of bias.

I found the article very informative and interesting. The author does a good job with organization and her use of quotes to add more dimension to the story. I’ve never given a thought to the criminals that have dementia and are on death row. I think it is a topic that needs to be more thoroughly discussed. I realize it sounds bad, but once a person has dementia it is almost like they regain their childhood innocence. In this case, I’m glad it went to the Supreme Court because it is a really important decision to make.

Interview: Pastor Andy Nelson

Pastor Andy Nelson, the director of campus ministry and community service at Morningside, centers himself around the students.

He is now full-time tending to spiritual life of the students and facilitating community service. He schedules his days according to the students the visit with him and fills in his time from there. He stated, ” My favorite thing is when students come into my office.”

Pastor Nelson wants students to feel welcomed and that he doesn’t have an agenda when talking to us. “My job is to listen,” he said. He simply wants students at Morningside to feel listened to with someone who genuinely cares about them, when confiding in him.

The conversations he has had lately with students involve many aspects of their lives. The main topic has been about discernment, what people plan to do with their lives after they graduate from Morningside. Pastor Nelson hears about almost everything from students’ current events, their relationships or friendships, and their families.

Pastor Nelson wants to convey to students that their lives have meaning and purpose, and he wants to assist us in finding that meaning and purpose. He said, “I want to be authentic with you and I want to be honest with you.” He isn’t here to judge, rather he’s more concerned with how we treat others with our actions and words.

He described that the hardest aspect of his job is discovering what the students find compelling or what they are passionate about. Pastor Nelson stressed that the denomination of your religion doesn’t matter. He simply wants to be a sounding board for all students, and he wants to reach out to as many as he can.


Food Tasting

The Trolli Weird Beard candy is supposed to look like James Harden, but the only aspect of his face you can see is his nose. It looks more like lump with a smaller lump on it. The candy really does not have a smell, really faintly though it smells sweet. The taste is sweet too, and if you have ever had Trolli gummy worms the taste is really similar. The feeling of the Weird Beards are squishy and stretchy.

The next food option is a peanut butter Hostess Ho-Ho and the smell of it is strong peanut butter, which was expected. The look of it is mystical and makes it look like it is a high-end food. The taste is a powerful combination of the chocolate and peanut butter, but neither overcome the other. The feeling of the Ho-Ho is squishy almost like the squishy Chinese finger traps.

News Comment: NFL Competition Committee members reportedly uncomfortable with roughing the passer calls

The story of the NFL right now is the roughing the passer rule. Players are no longer supposed to land with their body weight on the quarterback and drive them into the ground. The league has taken it to a whole different level with 34 roughing the passer penalties in three weeks. The NFL Competition Committee is aware of the increase and plans to meet next week to see if they can tweak how the referees make the call. The NFL wants to protect these high-valued players without changing the game of football.

The article does a good job of showing the problem with stats right away to display to the reader that this has become a major issue in many games in only three weeks of the NFL season. ESPN and the NFL interviewed committee members. Both found that the members want to adjust the ruling. Including that information gives the article more depth and credibility by actually finding out what the members think. I was unaware that there was a potential for a change in the ruling, but the article gives the reader hope, so fans can go back to enjoying the NFL.

The recent calls cut deep for me because I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, and the main reason the committee is meeting is due to a call made against the Packers in week two against the Minnesota Vikings. I also want the players to be safe, so the bests competitors are on the field, but it has become hard for players, especially Clay Matthews from the Packers, because he has tried to change how he tackles and he still gets penalized. Hopefully, the committee will soon take away the frustration many fans, including myself, are feeling.

Scavenger Hunt

I tracked down Terri McGaffin, the head of the Art Department, to find a Morningside logo. I explained what that we were doing a scavenger hunt and one of my tasks is to find something with a Morningside logo on it. Her first thought was to give me an envelope and letterhead. Then she saw the “Drawing Conclusions” poster for the art gallery and immediately wanted me to have that instead. I told her that I would advertise for her and she said, ” I would just love that Courtney.”

My second task was to have someone give me a Netflix recommendation, so I ventured to the Krone Advising Center. They asked me what I needed and I explained the scavenger hunt. Katie Roskie, a first-year advisor, immediately said to watch the Ozarks. She explained the show, “it’s like Breaking Bad, but its with money laundering.” She went on to say that a couple was laundering with the Mexican cartel. I informed her that I think it’s on my watchlist, but I’m in the middle of another show and plan to get to it.

News Comment: The McDonald’s strikes are the #Metoo movement in action

The #Metoo movement has given the workers at McDonald’s, in large cities across the United States, the power to speak up against sexual harassment. It could change how the lower wage, working class has been treated for such a long time. Many of the workers have been to afraid to speak out about their abuse from fear of losing their jobs, but the #Metoo movement has given them a voice. McDonald’s is trying to save themselves by hiring a Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network and the legal-compliance firm Seyfarth Shaw at Work. That same legal firm is the exact one that represented Harvey Weinstein.  The movement has brought people forward to make a change for those that have otherwise seemed invisible.

The lead to this story is well written to give the reader the most important information and draw the reader in. The author does well with using the inverted pyramid within each subheading as well going through the most important information first.

The story initially caught my attention because of the prominence of the #Metoo movement. It made me wonder how it could be connected with McDonald’s. After reading the article, I can understand how lower paid workers are taken advantage of because they believe they are disposable to their employers. It’s sad that it has taken this long for them to feel courageous enough to speak out, but I’m glad it did with the #Metoo movement because there is no better time than now to address this horrible problem.


Lead Practice #4

A plane crashed Friday afternoon near the Townsville Airport plowing into homes south of the city. There are 42 confirmed dead and 16 injured.

Curtis Vokamer, deputy fire marshall,  said his crew found most of the 55 passengers dead in the debris of the Boeing 737. The Holy Cross Hospital reported 16 others injured, including 3 flight attendants, were admitted with injuries. One of the victims identified was Representative George W. Collins, D-III., who was returning from Washington to “organize a children’s Christmas party.”

One of the survivors, Marvin Anderson, 43, of Omaha, said, “The last words of the pilot said to us were, ‘We are at 4,000 feet and everything is going well.’ I know something was wrong a few seconds later because he began to rev the engines.”

Several board members of the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington were already in Townsville conducting hearings from the October 20th commuter train crash. One official said, “We’ll look into the thoroughly.”


News Comment 3: Hog Farm Waste Could Become Environmental Hazard After Hurricane Florence

On the coast of North Carolina, there are many large pig farms with open-air lagoons directly in the path of Hurricane Florence. The residents are extremely considered the lagoons could overflow and enter the rivers. Many have began pumping the lagoons out onto fields to lower the lagoon levels, which would hopefully contain the rain water. If the lagoon does begin to overflow, the wall of it will deteriorate and spill into the rivers.  The residents realize they are at the mercy of the storm and are praying all goes well given their situation.

The article from NPR does good giving the facts as it is. It displays prominence or impact, not by being famous but a Hurricane is a storm of great magnitude. Unfortunately, they are known to cause great damage to anything in its path.

Dan Charles, from NPR, does not seem to follow the inverted pyramid design. He gives the reader background before explaining what could happen. In this case though, I believe giving this context earlier is better to understand the how numerous the hog barns are there. It is definitely on the unique side because hog waste normally does not make national news.

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