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Mustang Wrestlers to Open Season vs. Top Notch Opponents

The Morningside Mustangs wrestling team begins their 2013 dual season on Friday, November 15th at 3pm. Joining the Mustangs in Sioux Falls are the Air Force Falcons and the Augustana Vikings.

While both teams present an impressive challenge, several of the Morningside grapplers are looking forward to the duals.

When asked about the level of competition, Redshirt Sophomore Isaac Olson said the following: “It’ll be a great opportunity because Air Force is a Division One school, Augustana is a Division 2 school. We’ll be able to show our talent, get some good matches. It’ll be a tough meet.”

He also added, “We don’t get the opportunity to wrestle big schools like this, so it’ll be a great opportunity to show what the NAIA is capable of.”

The Mustangs will get a true test of their Horsepower on Friday.

School Shootings Raise Eyebrows on Campus

A recent string of college shootings has raised a question of student safety on campuses around the United States. The most recent incident took place at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. Other notable incidents include the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, and the imfamous Columbine shootings in Colorado.

Kyle Nikkel, a junior on the Morningside campus, offered his opinion in the following statement. “You think about, uh, what you would do if there was a shooting on Morningside’s campus here, and how it would effect the community and the people around us.”

When asked about the his opinion on the reason for these attacks, Nikkel pointed to the past. “You know, a lot of the students that do school shootings are ones that might have been bullied.”

The solution may not be far off, according to Nikkel. “Respect goes both ways.”

Trust and support are also important in the struggle against school violence.

Flu Season Strikes

It’s that time of year again. The noses are running, and the hallways are filled with sniffles.

Attendance may be important, but Morningside junior Meghann Pucelik prefers to fight her battle at home rather than in the classroom. “When I’m sick I really don’t feel like doing anything, and I’d rather sleep.”

Rest is important, and so is staying hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

When asked about her opinion on braving sickness to go to class, Pucelik commented, “I just think if you’re sick you should stay home so you don’t get other people in class sick. Take care of your homework and email your professors, and get your homework that way.”

This may be the one time of year that students actually get eight hours of sleep.


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A Closer Look at Aldean

After taking a look at the celebrity profile of Jason Aldean on, I couldn’t help but notice the All-American image the profile portrayed. Aldean, or Jason Aldine Williams, is a Georgia native who had to go through several trial-and-error attempts before making his own musical breakthrough.

Having read up on and heard Aldean’s story before, I was already familiar with his background. I liked how the profile walked through each progression in his musical journey. As a fan, his story makes me proud of him for sticking it out through each trial and tribulation. As an artist, his story gives me hope that with perseverance, there is a chance for anyone who wants it bad enough.

The biography itself only featured one photograph, but there was a link to a gallery that had pictures from all occasions from on-stage to award shows. Overall, I feel that the profile did an outstanding job of featuring who Aldean is an artist, and the journey he took to get there. It did leave the majority of his family life out of the writing. I completely appreciated that, as I was looking for information on him and not his wife and children.

For a full view of the Aldean Biography:


A Different Side of Disney

Imagine a world where Walt Disney’s cheerful creations melt away into a world of ghouls and utter darkness.

Welcome to director Randy Moore’s mind. Now imagine trying to shoot an entire film within the Disneyland and Disney World gates without permission. Seems improbable, if not impossible, but it has been done. The director flooded the Orlando and Anaheim parks with his cast and crew, and managed to do so without any serious legal repercussion as of yet.

The article featured below caught my attention due to the fact that it focused on a major piece of my childhood. The fact that he was able to accomplish the filming of an entire movie also amazed me. The article was relatively well written, but since the movie has been released and featured in a film festival, I feel like it should have included a clip from the film. I did like how it felt like I was listening in on a conversation between the subject and the journalist.

There isn’t much a would have changed about this article. I will say this much: I would definitely go see this movie after reading this.

Streaming Customer Service

“This is Captain Mike of the good ship, Netflix. Which member of the crew am I speaking with today?”

Netflix customer service is a far cry from the customer service calls of old; a refreshing blend of wit and personality. In reading this “Huffington Post” article, it become apparent just how ingenious the Netflix streaming strategy is. With no need for upgrades, due to the a flat rate of $7.99 each month, customer service representatives are allowed to “be themselves.”

This article was newsworthy simply because it defies the norm. It shines a bright spotlight upon the bold changes certain organizations are making. The freedom of an employee to express their personality is a brilliant way to gain the respect and appreciation of customers.

To quote the article, “The exchange resonated with anyone who’s ever sat through the hell of an automated customer service call, and it’s one example of how Netflix is aiming to do something different with its customer service. Netflix help chats don’t feature a robotic, dizzying array of menu options, or a company agent using a script.”

All-in-all, this article was incredibly well-written. It featured links to the entire “Captain Mike” customer service conversation with the customer, as well as a video explaining the Netflix culture. There were several quotes from a former customer service worker. The most important thing for me, however, was that it captured my attention from start to finish. Read it. You won’t regret it.

To view the article: