Stuart Scott: “Let Others Fight For You”

Stuart Scott and every other cancer fighter, according to him, never fights their battle alone. In fact, to him, the battle is impossible without his friends, coworkers, and, most importantly, his loved ones.

“When you get too tired to fight, then lay down, rest, and let someone else fight for you,” said Scott at last night’s ESPYS Award Show, in front of thousands in the audience and millions watching at home.

Ironically, Stuart Scott has presented the award before to people that have fought similar battles. This time, however, in perhaps the most bitter of bitter sweet circumstances, he was given the award.

Scott’s main theme throughout his entire acceptance speech was clear and emotional. With his eyes glazed over with a small lining of tears behind his glasses, he was adamant that he wouldn’t be alive without the ongoing prayers and encouragement from those around him. From doctors to daughters, the never-ending love is what kept him fighting.

“This journey is not a solo venture. It requires support.”

For years, the anchor for Sportscenter, ESPN’s flagship program, was one of the most iconic and recognizable figures of the show. Even with his body beginning to fail, and after having spent the previous week in a hospital while undergoing four separate surgeries, he spoke with an energy and charisma that made him so popular in the first place.

“When you die, it doesn’t mean that you lose to cancer. You beat it by how you live… and the manner in which you live.”

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