Spanglish Love

Love is a touchy subject to college kids. A lot of them feel as though they’re far too busy to focus on such a thing. They’d rather focus on having fun without any attachments, while getting the best grades and experiences they can so they can find their dream career. One could take a safe guess that Dr. Patrick Blaine was doing such a thing while he was at college.


Blaine went to the University of Iowa for his first 4 years of collegiate schooling, where he intended on becoming an English Teacher. His sophomore year, mainly “just because,” Blaine decided to take a Spanish class. He had always been interested in the language, but he never thought that he’d eventually become fluent not only in that language, but also well versed in 4 other languages. And he never thought that he’d eventually make a career out of his Spanish fluency, including being on the executive board for South American film studies.


So one can imagine when Dr. Blaine strolled into Iowa City as a freshman that could be teaching English eventually, he never thought he’d meet the love of his life and future wife on a tour in Chile while studying abroad. He did, though, and his life was changed as soon as he first laid eyes on her.


The day that Blaine met his wife, he was about to go on a tour of old wooden churches in Chile.


“I really didn’t want to be there,” explained Blaine, “I would have rather been on the other tour that day.” It ended up working itself out.


The tour was delayed because the group’s tour guide was late. Blaine recalls the event very well; when the car pulled up and the tour guide got out, a woman, Blaine locked eyes with her immediately. It was his future wife. According to her, it was love at first sight.


“It wasn’t for me,” Blaine snickered, “I’m not sure I believe in that.”


After that, they began dating, and a little more than a year later, they got married. Blaine brought her back to the United States with him. Although they both know English very well, they refuse to speak English in the house—it’s only Spanish in their residence. Their kids will have to do the same.


“They have to be at least bilingual. If not…” Blaine proceeded to fade off and laugh to himself.


Dr. Blaine’s whole life was changed after signing up for that college Spanish class his sophomore year. What was a hobby, at most a minor in college, became a passion, a career, and caused him to meet the love of his life. He tied his love life with his career without realizing it at the time. Some people may not be as lucky as him, but a story like Dr. Patrick Blaine’s can cause hope to those who need it.


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