A Band To Start Noticing: Don Juan

To John Dodge, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Don Juan, one doesn’t have to live in Hollywood or be filthy rich to make it big time in the music industry.

Last summer, Don Juan did a show with Jackson Browne and James Taylor in New York at a popular club. “James had been a fan for awhile and Jackson Browne turned into a real solid supporter,” said Dodge, whose band will start recording this Spring.

He went on to spread his excitement with his electric smile while describing the start of the recording process. “There will be a product on the streets–on the airwaves, we hope–by the end of the summer.”

Don Cooper, guitarist and singer for the band, discussed the struggle of finally realizing his calling.

“It took a long time to shuck the robe of responsibility. I fought it for years, saying, ‘Well, I love to write song, and I love to play guitar… but I don’t think I can make a living doing it.”

Cooper had the plan of becoming an English teacher “just in case” his music career didn’t pan out.

“I held on to this myth for a long time–that I could actually approach something involving my life with a just-in-case attitude–That I would settle for something less than happy,” said Cooper, whose eyes lit up with satisfaction.

Don’t be surprised to see Don Juan’s name more often in the mainstream, folks.

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