news comment week 10

The news of a farmer dead after a cow rammed the farmer repeatedly into a fence. It is just funny that this kind of news would be something, but it is a thing that is put into the news. I laughed when i heard this i can understand this being news in a small farming town that a man died from a farm animal. it is strong new to be hearing but the strange news is the news that everyone wants to hear about and know what was going on and why. i find that the cow story was something that the New York Post of that Fox News would talk about this but it is a good way to get viewers attentions and make them want to know more about what the story is and have them look at other stores they have and what else they have so that they come back to the news people. i still think that is is funny they there was a cow story and why is a 71 year old man working with cows and is not staying home.


  1. Well, the New York Post is a tabloid, so this is up their alley, so to speak.
    My dad used to get pushed around by livestock. It’s usually not intentional, as this story suggests. And you’re probably right. It is clickbait.

    Better on grammar and spelling!

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