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A day of love and happiness changed when a man shot his wife on there wedding day.

Richard and Lurette Brunson were married Saturday of the front porch of their home in front of friends and family at 2 p.m.

At the reception of the wedding Mr. Brunson shot his wife with a 22 calibre hand gun after his wife has throw a plate of macaroni salad at him. Martin a friend says “i’ve never seen him violent, never heard them yelling. it blows me away.” ¬†After the shooting a neighbor had called the police but by the time they had arrived Mr. Brunson was gone and his wife was was sent to St. Luke’s Hospital in satisfactory condition with only being shot in the abdomen. ¬†when asked about it all she said was “No comment leave me a lone, leave all of us alone.”



  1. Did you have issues uploading the audio file, Aleigha? The soft/throwaway lede works. The “After the shooting…” sentence is too long. Make it two or thee.

    Use full sentences for the attributions and lead-in to the quotes: Martin, a friend, had this to say:
    Ms. Brunson did not want to speak to reporters.

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