Student Success article 2(draft)

Student success is a program that Morningside college has that was made to help kids that could not reach the requirements to attend school. The program picks a hand full of students that want to go to college. This program helps those students getting in to the things of college and helps with there classes. They have meeting with the Student success adviser. His name is Andre and he it the coordinator and adviser for this program.

I asked Andre some questions about this program and what he thinks student success it to him. He said “student success is a student adapting to a new envierment in and out of class ant learning what is going to take to be successful in this envierment.” This meaning is he is helping them to be ready for college all that is coming with college. Asking abut what his job is as a student success adviser he told me “my job is mentoring incoming freshmen and assenting them with there transition form high school to college academy and socially.” Being one of his students that he helped in this program I beloved he did just that. I made friends and had an essayer time transition to college.

An impotent question that I asked was if he thought this was a good program for the students. He told me “yes, I believe it is good because it is in aa program that in the students use it to make their transection smother and sets them up for the next three years of college.” He knows that this program is good for the school and the students because kids in student success is higher in graduation then that of normal freshmen.

I talked with a student who was in the program Zue Avocado said tam the program helped me interact with other students given the fact that she had gone to a catholic school from pre-k to high school. She also thinks that it is and good for students to be in it if you do not think you are reedy for college.

The students that are in the program right not say that it is helpful and it is a good way to make friends. One student from Chicago Isabella Rico said “since I live far away and do not know where I am at this program helped to know what is in Sioux City and what this is the program helped me to understand how school is going to be and helps me to understand how school works.” She says that it did help her transistor and help with being far away and helped with homesickness.

The student success program is a great thing from what I have seen and it helps students to get to know and understand what College life is like and how to be successful in it.

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