Media Comparison

The media comparison that I am do is over the Las Vegas massacre from The Washington Post along with the video at the top of the story. The two talked about the shooting they both talk about the shooting and what happened and what was happening and what happened to the people at the Garth Brooks consort. The thing is that the differences with the two of they one tells you more and the other just gives you brief info. The video shows live video of what the people where seeing and hearing. They had a few videos for people at the consort and what they saw when everyone was running for cover and trying to get away form the shooting. There were a few news reporters asking people what was going on after everything was all clear. The video gives us a brief understanding of what was happening and there is emotion in it seeing the people on the ground the scared and crying faces and the sound of the screaming, crying, and the sound of the gunshots. That all makes it so much more real to me.

The article has more facts and goes deeper into the story with facts and how the killer was and all the people that where hurt and those that where killed. It tells us that 58 where killed and 515 where injured. Just herein those numbers let us know what was the real damage. They talkie about the number of guns he had with him and what he used to shoot at everyone. The story also tells us that he had killed himself before swat could get to him. This two forms of news are very impotent to us they both have a good us to them and help us understand better. With they two forms of news I have a better understanding of what the shooting was really like and how bad it relies was for not just us but for the people that where there.


  1. Jason Aldean. A Garth Brooks concert would have been 10 times bigger, and probably more deadly.
    Broadcast is often abut emotion and immediacy. Print is about depth and detail.

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