Alex Watters interview

Alex Watters. A First Year Adviser, member of the city counsel, inspiring book writer and so much more.

Watters is a First Year Adviser at Morningside College, a college that he himself attended and graduated from. The first thing you see when you meet him is this man is in a wheel chair, and is paralyzed. His first couple weeks of his college life he and some of his friends where hanging out at the lake and he had jumped into a show part of the water and landed wrong. After that his life changed forever. His disability may have changed his life forever but he did not let it bring him down he is still moving around. As he said “I find it funny that I’m paralyzed, but I can’t sit still. Get it ironic right.”

Watters life changed after he had his accident and it changed his life goals. He says that “goals should change as you grow.” And for him they have he has changed his goal in life has changed with him and his new experiences and life choses.

He wishes to write a book about his life and how it had changed him for the better. The title he wishes for his book to be is ‘living the dream. (not just the one I imagined)’ that’s total is perfect for his life he his living the dream just not what he planed with everything that changed in his life and how new things had happened.

Whit his life and all the changes that happened for the accident we all would wonder what he would be doing if it did not happen. Would he still be an adviser at Morningside College or would he be more? When asked this question the first thing he did was scoff and say “Not a chance in hell.” So with that answer people asked what he would be doing. He had three things plan if none of that happened. He’s main focused was on golf, money, and girls and to teach people golf. After all, when your 18 you are self consumed.” And he is right that, that is what we all think about we are consumed in our own problems. But things changed for him.

Whit the change in his life he decided to help people and have the ability to make a difference in one’s life. He had known he wanted to do that when he first started to learn how to everything all over again. The first thing he lead was how to put a shirt on. It was hard and difficult he said “lowest point had in relishing I child not do it.” With that his knurs were there the whole time to pick him up and encore him to try again. With that he knows he wanted to help people and now he is an Adviser and a member of the city counsel.

Alex Watters may not have had what he was planning on doing with his life but his life changed and with that his plan and who he is and what he doses for everyone.


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