the last person talked to today/ food descripton

The last person that I take to today before going to class was one of my friends in the bathroom while i was getting ready for the day.  She was waring blue bottom bell jeans and a white shirt with a blue cardigan. Her hair is short cheek length and the top part of her hair by her roots is a dark brown and the ends of her hair where her ears start are a red brown color. her hair is curly and was all messy. she has brown eyes and light colored skin with rose cheeks, she is a few inches taller then me and is on the hayer side.


food description

The food i have is shaped like a cylinder, the name of the food is called pirouline. the color of the snack on the out side is a cream color with brown swirls around it. the inside is chocolate. the snack is brittle and can brake early. It is crunchy and sweet and taste like chocolate wafers. I like them a lot there are sweet and chocolatey  and would go nicely with a cup of coffee.

creme de


  1. Last person: Good objective description, though focused on the visual. An interesting focus on hair. You could take just those few details and create a good “frame” for the person. How would you summarize just the haircut?

    Piroullines: Beginning to get at sensory details. “I like them a lot” is telling. The rest of the sentence begins to “show.”

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