Scavenger Hunt

In the scavenger hunt of the random object and my new musical recommendation. I had walked around campuses tell I came to a building with people in it.

When asking people if they perhaps had a creatively bent paperclip I got weird looks from the people in the room. They where problem wondering what a girl wanted a creative looking paper clip. I told them it was for a scavenger hunt for my class.  Stacie Hays grabbed a paper clip and walked over to me while trying to make a shape. The first paperclip she used was orange and she ended up braking it, so she grabbed another colorful paper clip that was red and she attempted to make a heart but it ended up looking like a circle in the end but it was the thought that counted. She laughed at her attempt to do this but smiled at it any way.

My next objective to the scavenger hunt was to get a musical recommendation. When I asked if anyone had a musical recommendation not being able to finish asking for a song or artist they have listened to someone shouted right away that “Piano. Piano is always the way to go.” When I herd that I looked over at them to see that it was Katie Miltenberger a First Year Adviser that recommended this. I could tell that she like listening to that interment. When I asked her if she had an artist or a song she like she told me the band Paramore and the song ‘Fake happy’. The people around us looked at her like she was insane to like that song and she laughed a little and said “its not as sad as it sounds.” Smiling at them I thanked them for there time and was on my way.

IMG_1090.JPG Paperclip


  1. What does a “weird look” look like, Aleigha? I will have to listen to Fake Happy. It sounds like my kind of song.

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