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What is a mouthers love? Know one really knows but this mother Carrie DeKlyen had censer but instead of having chemo therapy she denied the treatment so her baby would be safe. This mom know she would most likely die if she did not do so but for her kid she would do it. Only a few weeks later after the mom died three days giving birth to her daughter Lynn DeKlyen she had died. Only at 1 pound and 4 ounces the little girl had died. As sad as that might be that they booth died that is not the thing a mother gave up the fact that she would die so her baby could live. This is a toughing story it shoes the love a mother will have for there chilled even if they are unborn they are still their kid. I like that is shows the love a mom will have for her own kids and do anything for them.


  1. This a sad story, no doubt. I wonder sometimes wht the purpose is for publicizing people’s tragic stories. The New York Post is about the clostest thing to a mainstream tabloid. It will dig these stories up.

    Proofread, Aleigha. This is hard to follow.

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