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Selena Gomes got a kidney transplant over the summer and her best friend Francia Raisa gave her kidney to her. This is a very touching story. Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus in 2015. The summer of 2017 she needed a kidney transplant and her best friend offered up hers. That is what true friend ship is about. It is touching to know that people are willing to give something up to those who mean a lot to them. I just go to show that there are good people in the world and not everyone is out for there own personal gain but are out there to help people no mater if they are famous or not. Francia Raisa is a true friend and someone we would all want in our life’s.


  1. A good human interest story, Aleigha. It could also be transmission/teacher function. It teaches uo how to be firends. (Connect your discussions to class discussion.)

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