Alumni Spotlight: Kristin Noreen


Kristin Noreen has had a passion for education and for helping others, which is evident through the various campus and community activities she is involved in.

Noreen graduated from Morningside in 1980 with a double major in Elementary Education and Physical Education. Later, she got her Masters in Elementary Education from Morningside and a Special Education Degree for Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa. She used the education she received to teach school for thirty-four years, most of those being in the Sioux City area.

During her time at Morningside, Noreen was involved in Alpha Omicron Pi and was a member of the women’s basketball team.

When asked why she chose to attend Morningside, Noreen stated, “It fit my personal and educational needs.” She added that she liked how it was a smaller school and she knew once she started that it was the right fit for her. Noreen explained that her favorite thing about her time at Morningside was the quality education she received and the lifetime long friendships she created.

Her advice for current students was to, “Enjoy your time in college. It will be some of the best years of your life.” Noreen’s advice to young alumni was to get involved with Morningside. She stated, “We have a tremendous Alumni staff to help you get involved both on and off campus.”

Today, Noreen continues to stay involved in the community and on campus. She volunteers at St. Luke’s, attends numerous Morningside athletic and fine arts activities, and is very involved in volunteering at Morningside as an alumna. Noreen has served on the Morningside Alumni Board since 2009, and currently serves as the Secretary. Every year she helps coordinate volunteers for homecoming and helps out with various homecoming activities. Additionally, she volunteers with numerous other alumni events including Morningside Madness.


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Student Spotlight: Molly McInnis


Molly McInnis has always had a passion for education, which is evident in everything she does. McInnis is currently a junior from Beresford, South Dakota with a double major in Special Education and Elementary Education.

She knew from the beginning that Morningside was the right fit for her career path. McInnis stated, “I choose Morningside because I loved the campus and the education department.” She knew she wanted to be a teacher, so she felt like Morningside was the perfect fit.

McInnis loves the small campus environment, being able to have personal relationships with her professors and appreciates the opportunities that a small college campus provides. She believes that students at Morningside have the opportunity to grow not only as a student, but also as a person.

She is very involved on campus, currently serving as the Head Apartment Manager, the President of Teachers Inspiring Exceptional Students (T.I.E.S.), a group for future special education teachers, a chair member of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education, and is a member of the Connie Wimer Women’s Leadership Program. Additionally, she is involved in Christ Connections, a Christian ministry group on campus, and she leads a bible study for students.

When asked, McInnis indicated that her favorite thing about the groups and  activities she is involved in is the people. She stated, “I love the people I meet in all the groups and activities I am involved in. I love meeting new people and being able to share experiences and memories with them.

After graduation, McInnis has plans to stay around the Siouxland area where she is looking forward to teaching.

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Alumni Spotlight: Chad Heggen


Chad Heggen is a 1993 graduate from Morningside College with a love for art. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Art major, with minors in Photography and Mass Communications.

Heggen chose Morningside for many reasons. He stated that he like the small campus and school feel. Additionally, he loved the art department and said that a college that had a good ceramics room was high on his list when choosing colleges. Heggen explained that he also had a great recruiter.

When asked what his favorite thing about Morningside was during his time on campus, Heggen stated that it was, “The ability to be involved in so many things and everyone was so supportive and willing to help. I met many people, both students and professors, that had a positive influence on who I am today.”

During his college career, Heggen was very involved, participating in Delta Sigma Phi, Creative Edge/Ad Club,taking photographs for the newspaper and yearbook, working as the camera operator and technical director on the nightly MCTV news, and being a football cheerleader. Additionally, he worked in Morningside Graphic Services.

Heggen’s advice for current students was to get involved in activities. He stated, “Get involved in activities. They will help you form a direction in which to go. They also introduce you to people that can help place you in a field.” Additionally, he stated it is important for students to read and form their own conclusions on matters and plan on learning for the rest of their lives.

His advice for young alumni was to, “Keep in touch with your dreams; you still have time to reach them.”

Currently, Heggen’s work can be found hanging at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum and at the Clear Lake Art Center. Additionally, he has a website,, that includes his work which he updates often.

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