A Look Inside Morningside College: Student Spotlight


Alexander Schmitz is a sophomore biology major from the small town of Carroll, Iowa. Schmitz is a part of the wrestling team and prides himself as being a Mustang.

“I love being on the wrestling team,” said Schmitz. “The competitive and brotherly bond that we all have is something you can’t get any other way. It affects every aspect of my college experience, from competing in the sport to being held accountable in the classroom to being active in the community.”

He believes that there is a lot of tradition at Morningside that is manifested through conversations with alumni and the Siouxland community.

“There is a positive association with Morningside and I am proud to be a part of it,” Schmitz said. “I especially feel that pride when I wear the Morningside singlet when I compete. I know I represent something special when I compete and whenever I get to associate with Morningside.”alex3

In addition to wrestling, Schmitz is in Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and a member of Acacia Fraternity, where he has been both the senior and junior dean. He has been on the athletic director’s academic honor roll every semester and was also named second team All-GPAC at the end of his freshman wrestling season.

“I think that both being a part of the wrestling team and being a member of Acacia has shown me how strong of a community a college, especially one like Morningside, can be,” said Schmitz. “There is a really strong link with alumni, and the college makes a huge impact in the community. It has impacted me knowing that the little things I do within the school are noticed by others and make an impact on others’ lives.”

When asked about his major, Schimtz said, “I had a pretty specific plan going into college, knowing exactly what I wanted to do for a career. I knew biology would be the best path and that the staff in the biology department would prepare me well.”

After college Schmitz hopes to attend a graduate school and become a certified prosthetics and orthotics practitioner. He would design and help build braces for individuals with limb defects in order to improve their quality of life.

He was exposed to the prosthetics field after a work-related accident that caused his uncle to lose his leg.

“Seeing his own experience and hearing more and more about veterans and even children who rely on artificial limbs made me think that this was a field I could really make a difference in,” Schmitz said.

Being a part of Acacia has given him the opportunity to visit The Shriner’s Hospital in Minnesota. His visit included a tour of the Shriner’s Hospital prosthetics ward and the opportunity to interact with the hospital staff.

Schmitz said, “I learned a lot about the process I will need to go through to work in the prosthetics field, and I gained some excellent connections that I hope to use in the future.”

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