News Comment #4

18 09 2015


As a Bernie Sanders fan myself (#feelthebern), I was incredibly partial to this opinion article. But I do agree with everything that Brent Budowsky said. While the republicans are arguing amongst each other Sanders is sitting back defending his “Socialist” beliefs to large media corporations like CNN and Time magazine. The more Sanders gets his message out the more of a threat he becomes and the republican party continues to just write him off. I think that the big media corporations don’t want to cover Sanders because his opinion will not be in agreement with their core demographic, 40+ year old men and women. But now that Sanders is leading polls in New Hampshire and here in Iowa, the big media has no choice but to cover Sanders and allow him to speak his mind on their programming.

One dead and three injured in crash

17 09 2015

Moyer Quick, 65, passed away after his vehicle struck a truck while trying to pass it on Highway 20 early Wednesday morning.

Randy Radin, 17, was driving the truck that was involved in the accident. He was transported to Marian Health Center and is in “critical” condition, with a fractured skull and internal injuries

Dorothy Quick, 61, wife of Moyer, Maxine Steuerwald, 43, were also injured in the accident while in Quick’s vehicle. Dorothy and Maxine were also transported to Marian Health Center. Dorothy is reported in “good” condition and Maxine in “fair” condition.

Patric Stewart, an Iowa Highway Patrolman, reported that both vehicles were sent into the ditch after Quick tried to pass Radin but his rear-end struck Radin as he completed the pass. Quick’s vehicle rolled once.

News Comment #3

10 09 2015


This article is about the Iran deal and how senate Democrats achieved a major victory when they blocked a Republican plan to block the new Iran deal. The article goes on to explain how Pres. Obama has done in his, almost complete, two terms as the President. The article mentions how good Pres. Obama was at uniting the Democratic party when he needed it the most. One example of this is when he passed the Health Care Act with no Republican votes. The Iran deal has been the same way. The article says, “Pres. Obama may go down in the history as a president whose single biggest foreign policy and domestic achievements were won with no Republican votes”.

Even with a “do-nothing” congress Pres. Obama has still been a great president. It may of took 7 years but he has done what he said he was going to do. Unemployment is almost to a point where economist consider it “full employment”. The economy has been slowly growing for the last couple years and wage gaps between men and women are starting to close.

Cancer scare causes hand-held radar gun ban

10 09 2015

Iowa Highway patrol is no longer using hand-held radar guns because of the possible links to cancer.


The ban was ordered as a precaution while studies are conducted into the possible links between cancer and the use of such guns. This comes after three municipal officers in Cedar Rapids filed workman’s compensation, saying they developed cancer from the using of hand-held units.


Adam Berluti, spokesperson for the Iowa Highway patrol, stated, “The feeling here is to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue. The whole situation is under review”. The move is considered to be the first of its kind by a state police agency.


The ban affects 70 radar guns that will be withdrawn from the service. State troopers will continue to use radar units with transmitters mounted on the outside of their cruisers.


10 09 2015

The last person I talked to was a man known as Mega Shogun v2. Shogun is a 19 year old male living in England. He is a champion Kick-boxer and a semi-professional video game player. Shogun is going into his second year of university and getting a degree in sports analysis and coaching.


Our conversation was mostly filled with the words: “I’ve got it”, “Nice Shot”, “Amazing save”, “THE WALL”, and “Far post”. Shogun and I were running late night scrims against another Rocket League team.


9 09 2015

Journalism is not obsolete, its morphing.

28 08 2015



Everyone is a journalist, they just do not know it.


In a fantastic article written by Mathew Ingram on Sep 2, 2011 on titled “Is journalism as we know it becoming obsolete?” the argument that journalism is dead is fought. Ingram’s main argument in this article is that anyone can be and usually is a journalist at least once in their daily lives. Whether that is someone live-tweeting a concert or posting a picture of storm damage on Facebook, they are being journalists at that moment. It can also be argued that when people who are not trained in journalism try to be journalists ethics will be broken. Ingram states that popular newspapers have done worse (sites the News Corp.’s phone hacking incident).


If you describe journalism as printed daily newspapers then the argument can be made that it is dying, or becoming obsolete. But journalism is more than that. Journalism is morphing into and interactive environment where readers can instantaneously give feed back to the writer of an article through comment sections in stories on-line. Its also morphing into a place where the “journalist” can directly talk with a viewer over a lifestream. Some examples of this are shows on like Collin and Greg Live, Up at Noon, and The Attack. These shows have a couple things in common. First they all talk about video games and technology. Second they all have a live chat where viewers can include themselves in the show by asking questions and stating their own opinions of technology news. This is good for journalism. It is making news more interactive and there by making the news more entertaining. Ultimately, this will become the future of journalism. Where readers or viewers will be able to directly influence what is to be talked about.


So is journalism becoming obsolete? The answer: absolutely not. Sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and even Vine are allowing people to participate in spreading news. Journalism is morphing into a more entertaining medium and ultimately will grow into more of a public influenced format.


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