Turning Dreams Into Reality

On Friday Matthew Reynders of Time Inc. spoke about what he does and how he got to where he is today. He spoke about attending college at Wake Forest, life after graduation, and the many different types of jobs he got himself into. Matthew’s main points of his speech were to always keep asking questions, network, think of goals as checkpoints, and to take a risk.

After college he had two or three jobs he held in which he knew nothing about or how to act when he got there. It forced himself to ask questions to the people around him to learn his new task. He said asking questions is vital because it shows you are hard working and you actually want to learn about the job. Matthew kept hitting on the point of networking with those in the industry. Networking is important because it gets your name out there and for people to know who you are. Matthew talked about how he networked to get to know people and to see what other opportunities were available. He quickly stressed that when creating goals, not to see them as destinations but as checkpoints. He said that if they are checkpoints you will continue to want to move on to your next one instead of achieving one and not know what to do after that. The thing he found key was the importance of a mentor. His many mentors helped to guide him and taught him along the way. When Matthew was given the chance to transfer from North Carolina to New York he considered the risks and decided to go for it because of the possibility to advance his career. He stated that in order to get to where you wanna go, there is some risks you must take.

Overall I enjoyed the presentation. I thought Mathew was funny at times and I found the information and tips he gave would be very useful in my job search after graduation.